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Stan Tookie Williams - Jim Stark [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jim Stark

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Stan Tookie Williams [Dec. 1st, 2005|08:57 pm]
Jim Stark
I'm posting this here in the hopes that many of you will take 15 seconds out of your day and sign this petition. Perhaps with the hope that you might take an additional 30 seconds out of your day and post this petition, or even this post in it's entirety (as I give you full permission to do so) if you don't desire to rewrite something out, in your own journal.

The following are two petitions to grant clemency, by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to Stanley "Tookie" Williams. For those who don't know (and I'm quoting), "the State of California has set December 13 as the execution date for Stanley Tookie Williams, whose remarkable change from co-founder of the Crips gang to Nobel Peace Prize nominee was made into the movie "Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story," starring Jamie Foxx. Williams is a five-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, four-time Nobel Literature Prize nominee, 2005 Presidential Call to Service awardee, and author of the Tookie Protocol for Peace. He maintains innocence for the crimes he was sentenced to death for, and he faced racist discrimination throughout his trial."(http://www.nodeathpenalty.org/)

For more detailed information on Stan Tookie Williams, his alleged crimes, and his accomplishments please look here:


The petitions are located here:


And here:


By signing them you'd be doing the right thing. As I think about it, it's literally the least I could do. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to sign. I can't imagine living in a world where Nobel Peace Prize Nominees are executed.

[User Picture]From: dropkicksmurfie
2005-12-02 05:23 am (UTC)
I don't see how anyone can look at all that Stanley Williams has done since his incarceration and honestly think that the world would be better off with him dead than alive.

I hope that Governor Schwarzenegger makes the right choice here.
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[User Picture]From: mariaiscool
2005-12-02 03:03 pm (UTC)
Frank, you amaze me.
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From: enantiomeric
2005-12-02 06:29 pm (UTC)

signer number 61631

i find it funny that someone signed the petition for clemency with this name and statement:
"Kill the Gangster: This guy is a cold blooded murderer and I hope he dies a miserable death"

what a fucktard.

btw. i signed both.
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From: gator7870
2005-12-09 01:39 am (UTC)


Tookie's day is coming soon.
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[User Picture]From: jetstobrazil
2005-12-09 02:50 am (UTC)

Re: Tookie

That's horrible, Cam.
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From: gator7870
2005-12-10 05:41 am (UTC)

Re: Tookie

sorry, didn't mean it in a bad way. just that a decision one way or another was only a day or two away.
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From: gator7870
2005-12-12 10:41 pm (UTC)


Sorry Frank, Guess Tookie couldn't find salvation in Arnie. Hopefully he has given his life to the right savior and all will be cool with him soon.
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