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Jim Stark

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To Nathan. [Dec. 24th, 2007|05:58 am]
Jim Stark

It's so funny. We didn't even hang out, like, at all in the past month or so, yet I still feel like I'm losing a really big part of me. These feelings are so overtly conflicted for numerous reasons. The first being, why should I miss you this much when you weren't even that much a part of my recent life? Still, you were there. If I needed you, you were there. I had that available to me. I felt like we were always waiting to REALLY be best friends, like waiting for the time, even though we kind of were. The second reason being, that you're just moving to Chicago. It's not some other world, and tickets are cheap, but I don't know, I feel really empty tonight, really lonely, and I know It's the culmination of various things, but nonetheless you leaving has affected that greatly.

I remember watching Garden State, when Andrew Largeman says, "You know that point in your life when you realize that the house that you grew up in isn't really your home anymore? All of the sudden even though you have some place where you can put your stuff that idea of home is gone." I really felt like that tonight; I feel like I'm losing a great many people who are close to me, and that I have so few actual, genuine connections anymore. Like I was in this large huddle, right in the center, then everyone dispersed, but I had no idea which way to go, so I just remained there. And here I am.

Either way, this has certainly become more about me than you it would seem, and I'm sorry for that. I guess you just being there, in Tampa, was a comfort for me. I always knew you would be there to talk about G.I Joe, or Transformers, or movies, or whatever. I guess we both kind of took that for granted.

I love you, buddy. You're my brother. Think of a time for me to visit, and I'll make it. Keep the Head Project alive. Keep me on staff. Keep me in the know. Let's be more involved now than we were. I wish you nothing but the best.

I had all these things I wanted to say, to write, and now, It's seemingly vanished. I'm sure we'll get some sort of real time comment conversation going though, so I guess just get a hold of me when you get there so I know you're safe.


[User Picture]From: sgrless
2007-12-24 07:43 pm (UTC)
I love that picture. You both look so happy (even with that big ole cigar in front of your face...or is that why you're happy?).

Frank you are awesome. And, I wish we had had more time, too. But what you've said here is perfect for many reasons. I think that yours and Nathan's friendship is the type that people strive for especially these days as everyone and everything is changing. It's okay if a phone call is missed or not returned. It's okay if you go a month without seeing each other. It's okay if there's not much to say. It's okay if all you do is laugh about old times. Because after all of those things that connection that is undeniable beyond effort is so strong.

And, yes. Visits. It's a must. On me. Because Chicago is up in arms about you (plus that Head Project Staff photo still hasn't happened).
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[User Picture]From: jetstobrazil
2007-12-24 08:18 pm (UTC)
Miss, you're absolute aces in my book. I love you as much as one is capable of, having known you for such a short time. I sincerely lament my inaction about seeing you when you were here. I'm glad you didn't hate me for that.

What does "on me" entail? Hehe. I'll be there as soon as possible, literally. I'm really compelled to visit, and I'd LOVE to see Chicago. Can we go to swank restaurants and museums? I'm excited already and nothing has even been planned!

You guys are the dream, and I couldn't be happier for you; just getting this comment from you has made me feel that much better about the situation. Thank you, Carey.
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[User Picture]From: jetstobrazil
2007-12-24 08:28 pm (UTC)
As a completely unrelated aside, I made a Flickr page and noticed you use a Canon Powershot A540.

Do you like it? How do you get such high contrast in some of your shots? Do you do any after work/touch ups in, like, photoshop?

let me know, because I have some really good ideas for sets of work that I want to get started on, and I might be in the market for a reasonably priced camera.
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[User Picture]From: sgrless
2007-12-24 11:31 pm (UTC)
I do like it.
I think for a basic point and shoot it is awesome. Point me in the direction of which shots you're speaking of? I do a little touch up in basic Iphoto. Mostly just an enhance of colors, but overall a lot of times the purity of color and clarity of the shots are really nice. Nathan likes to use it on manual mode mostly, and I tend to use it on auto. So it's definitely got room to grow, too.

I think it's definitely a good choice especially for the price. I personally love canon.
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[User Picture]From: jetstobrazil
2007-12-25 02:36 am (UTC)
Specifically one's like this, and maybe it wasn't so much the contrast, but the saturation; I want to take really bright pictures like a Wes Anderson movie.

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[User Picture]From: sgrless
2007-12-25 08:46 pm (UTC)
Those I did little to nothing to the original photo. Take a loot at the photos Nathan got printed at Sams on his Flickr, and you'll notice they all have pretty good saturation as well. Even the ones in doors.

The key thing in most all of those is day light. It does work best under medium bright sunshine (say around 2 or 3). And, those were all taken in Florida, too....so you're in luck! The skies there are so blue and bright unlike Chicago right now (dismal and grey) so it makes for much better photos.

I say go for it!
:) You'll love it...a little Christmas present to yourself.
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[User Picture]From: jetstobrazil
2007-12-26 11:18 pm (UTC)
I got a new camera, however it was more than either of us anticipated I'm sure. I'll blog about it later. Haha.
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[User Picture]From: sgrless
2007-12-27 03:47 am (UTC)

I want to get one soon....so badly. I hope to see lots of new photos.
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[User Picture]From: nathangriffin
2007-12-26 07:07 pm (UTC)
OKay, so I blame the fact that my girlfriend got to a response before me on the fact that I was like... on a plane or something and also well, I didn't remember my livejournal password!!

But here I am now.
So yes. I think you're right. It's strange that although we didn't spend any time together over the last month or so, like you, I still miss the fact that you were once 'just right across the bridge.' But like l said in my text to you the other day, I think this is only the start of a long-term friendship that could go anywhere.

Sure, I'm in Chicago and you're in Florida but that shouldn't stop us. Like Carey said. Visits are a must. We'll have to rely on Carey to show us all of the 'cool places' as I obviously haven't been here long enough for that.

So yeah. We'd better keep in touch. Even if it's just in our own little way.
I love ya man.
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[User Picture]From: _phineas_
2007-12-26 09:55 pm (UTC)
awwwww. i love this.
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[User Picture]From: jetstobrazil
2007-12-26 11:10 pm (UTC)
Haha, I love that you love this.

I also love that you read it, and that we still, in some small round about way, keep tabs on one another. <3
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