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Jim Stark

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[Jan. 18th, 2006|11:29 pm]
Jim Stark
On the matter of comics.

So this thing, this A Coming of Age (which happens to be the title of the book I was writing) thing, apparently Jeff and I have gone our separate ways, much to my regret. I wish it wasn't so to be quite honest, however I don't see much of a way to have avoided it; I believe I wrote and prodded him ad nauseam, yet to no avail. He seemed unmotivated, and I don't fault him for that, but as I said to him, it's not the place I'd like to be in right now. He told me once that he would have liked to have the first issue done by the end of October, yet it wasn't until mid November that I even saw a rough sketch of the first page. Granted I liked what I saw, but I related the fact that if we were to ever turn this, or any project, into something serious we would have deadlines and editors to answer to, and the kind of haphazard attitude he was showing wasn't what I went into this looking for.

I'm again looking for an illustrator, however I'm hesitant, as what I found with Jeff seemed something special; we could brainstorm like no others. We had ideas for post-apocalyptic (affectionately dubbed "cyberpunk") comics, reluctant superhero comics, coming of age comics. Quite honestly whenever I made a joke, in the book or otherwise, he was always right there with me, and it felt like we could run the entire gamut if we wanted to. Regardless, I don't just want any Joe Schmoe illustrator to do this with me. I don't want someone who solely does the work so much as someone who can really get into the work.

Of course there's a great potential that me writing any of this is solely lip service, and perhaps all for naught. Regardless, recently I've taken an interest in the art of one Randall Whiteis. His art can apparently be found here (there's some free promotion for you, sir). It seems perfect for what I'm looking for, so I sent him a MySpace message. I remember a while back, Ciera mentioning to me that she had a friend who would be interesting in pursuing the project with me, however, regretfully, I never found out who this person was however. Perhaps it was him and perhaps not. We shall see, I suppose.

Anyway, wish me luck, and if any of you have any insight or input, as far as illustrators go, or otherwise, do let me know.

[User Picture]From: mariaiscool
2006-01-19 12:13 pm (UTC)
I have to admit, I didn't read all of this, but as I was skimming I noticed "I need an illustrator". I know someone who draws comic books. He lives in Rhode Island, though. He can be found on myspace. I'll message you with his link. You may not like his stuff, but you should check it out anyway.
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From: gator7870
2006-01-21 04:05 am (UTC)


I really wish that I could draw. It would be a blast to work on this with you. Unfortunately, 3rd grade drawings is probably not what you're looking for.

On a brighter side, I finally won a PCQ. Go me!
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From: heatherstamkd
2006-01-27 03:56 pm (UTC)
ok, wait...how long have you been my LJ friend? and in that time, how many LJ's have a i gone thru?? you can't say you didn't know that i would one day abandon that journal...i have a history of deleting old journals and making new ones. so no pouting!

if you really want your $15 back, though, i'll put a check in the mail to you tomorrow.
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[User Picture]From: jetstobrazil
2006-01-27 03:58 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, ew shut up! As if that was the issue at all!
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From: heatherstamkd
2006-01-27 04:01 pm (UTC)
whatever...like you're not scrooge mcduck over there, swimming around in your vault full of gold coins.
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[User Picture]From: jetstobrazil
2006-01-27 04:20 pm (UTC)
Haha, so what if I am!

Don't you ever speak ill of my vault of gold coins.
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From: heatherstamkd
2006-01-27 08:58 pm (UTC)
i won't speak ill of your vault of gold coins if you won't speak ill of chris carrabba.
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